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  • D10cf4 profil 500

    @pikafucingchu Hello :) When you start the game and my mod isn't working, is it the only one not working? Do you see anything in the ScriptHook logs or in my mod's logs?

  • D10cf4 profil 500

    @ogk1990 The blips work as usual, but I believe you have another mod that removes map blips based on their type rather than their location...

  • D10cf4 profil 500

    @Amir Hasanovic
    Does only the maid not spawn?

  • D10cf4 profil 500

    I hope to do it within a maximum of two months. If I finish earlier, I'll release it sooner. Maybe I won't start with all the properties at once :)

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    BigShaqNoKetchup : Nature Weekend House
    Leuge_56 (on Patreon): Small Designer Villa 01
    BigShaqNoKetchup : Designer Penthouse: Remake (Offered to you by a patreon)

  • D10cf4 profil 500

    @DoubleDD Hi bro :) you should check your ScriptHookVDotNet.log logs :) maybe a script is crashing and preventing the rest from being loaded.

    2023. szeptember 21.
  • D10cf4 profil 500

    @mob187 hi :) thanks bro ! in the mafia mansion you have 8 parking spot, you can use in the minimod, the x-ray mod, it will show you interactions around you :)

    2023. szeptember 21.
  • D10cf4 profil 500

    @BigShaqNOKetchup OMG, I'm so sad that you're saying goodbye... Such an exceptional mapper beyond what Rockstar can offer... thank you for your mods, thank you for sharing your art with us ! I wish you the best ♥ !!!

    2023. szeptember 19.
  • D10cf4 profil 500

    @ThatoneFreddi Boy First of all ! thank you for asking :)
    As long as I maintain this mod, which is free by the way, I prefer to keep the rights to it and to the code. I do not allow the reuse of my of my code and my datas, which I've gathered one by one; it would be too easy otherwise :) I've personally prohibited myself from adopting the same coding approach as other modders out of respect for their work. It would have been so much easier for me to copy-paste the TV code from @meimeiriver or the vehicle save management from Persistence 2, for example. However, that's not acceptable. I struggle and learn as I go, and their mods will retain their added value.
    However, I strongly encourage you to create your own mod from scratch, using your own logic, that potentially addresses the same need :) For example, the day Avivr made his mod for self-placed bodyguards, my first reaction was to make it optional to use the default Property Manager bodyguards so that both could be used together ;) And know that today you can disable Property Manager by property in case you would want to use another mod :)

    2023. szeptember 4.
  • D10cf4 profil 500

    @dub2k8 it's on the road map, there is a lot of demand for this :) i will do it.

    2023. szeptember 3.