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  • 11a373 calico jack

    @ChunkyYaBoi I'm not denying that, I just wouldn't use that one - personally. I like a lot of your mods, but my game's been fucked recently in a way that's disheartening, so I haven't tried most of them, including this one, that's why no rating. But I'm sure I'll grab it at some point.

  • 11a373 calico jack

    I don't like Franklin's bulky arms on Trevor in the screenshots, it's fucking creepy.

  • 11a373 calico jack

    @-CREATIONS- I'm not sure I fully understand the dilemma. *You* know you made them, right? And if you were to release them you'd be releasing them for free, I take it? It's as dionys says, if somebody reposts them, then all it really means is somebody likes your mods enough to wish they were you. That's pretty pathetic for them, and quite a compliment to you. I understand wanting to be credited for your work, but you don't get any more credit by keeping them to yourself. You get exactly the same amount, and possibly less.

    If you charged for them, via Patreon or something, I would not be able to afford them, even at the lowest possible markup, but it would be your prerogative, and I see charging for this kind of alteration as substantially more justifiable than someone who will model a Bentley for cash. Because they're copying a real world item that has all kinds of Copyrights and trademarks attached. Your textures are unique, and you've gotta be kidding thinking people don't know how hard you worked on them, I think it's pretty apparent to everyone, that's why they want them so badly. Money is different, if somebody steals them when they're for sale, they obviously leech revenue. I can see why you wouldn't want that, but you can't sell them if you don't release them either... so even that logic is questionable.

    Just think about it, I can respect that it's your decision, as a creator, but personally I'm not seeing the downside. If you take DaVinci's name off his work and write "Dave" and show it to some rubes, saying "I painted this" you might trick some of them, but we all know you haven't changed reality. I could say I made them right now, it wouldn't mean anything. If you were to put them up for free, and somebody reposted them, users who downloaded them would be benefiting from your work, they'd be appreciating, and respecting, and thanking you, no matter who they think they're talking to, specifically because it IS your hard work. Take the example you gave of these mods already popping up on other sites: so what you're saying is - assuming they steal your example photos too - credit for these face textures has already been "stolen" - by your rationale, because they're pretending to be the maker of your mods, including the unreleased ones, in the screenshots. Thieves are taking credit either way, so the only people you discredit by holding onto them are innocent people, who admire your work.

    Like I said, just think about what I'm saying. I won't bother you about it again (but other people will, lol)

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  • 11a373 calico jack

    I love how easy it is to tell when this is updated:

    Description: "Last Updated 2 Days Ago"

    Current Version Box: "June 22, 2017"

    Scripthook Website: "Released 28 Mar 2018"


  • 11a373 calico jack

    Better than Build a Mission?

  • 11a373 calico jack

    Mods gradually stop working, mods start crashing game with no explanation, DMCA takedown notices, scripthook goes down... would not be surprised if this were a concerted effort on Rockstar's part to end the entire GTA modding community, but quieter this time. I don't know why they always got so much credit over Take2, as if they *really* support mods. - They're a business, not our friends.

  • 11a373 calico jack

    I like the inclusion of the ridiculous 3-wheeler from the motorcycle sequence - in the screenshots anyway.

  • 11a373 calico jack

    Gotta say... You make too much of a showcase of your face mods not to release them eventually.

  • 11a373 calico jack

    If you guys ever do an update can you make it so that bigger guns don't disappear out of your character's hand when they're violently incapacitated? I was a big fan, in GTA IV, of stumbling around like a drunken moron with an AK47 and "accidentally" firing it into the ground - causing mass panic - every time I got clipped by a random car... good times.

    2018. július 4.
  • 11a373 calico jack

    Would be nice if someone could just upload the original police tape mod on this site - lcpdfr seems like a pain.

    2018. július 1.