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  • C39a14 ws797500306

    @vasimontana dude gangs of los santos is literally merged into this mod in first place. so you probably messed something up

    2020. december 10.
  • C39a14 ws797500306

    iron sights shoot way too low and the position in hand isnt realistic (tea-cup grip, can lead to jams when firing). But great work on making it lore friendly, please consider doing the same with a 1911 and M4, as seen on artworks.

    2020. augusztus 9.
  • C39a14 ws797500306

    some things I noticed:
    sometimes hookers get marked as clients, but they still use their game hardcoded script, so you have blips that dont approach the player at all, and if you pick up a hooker stuff gets even funnier - mid hot-coffee the hooker turned into a client and jacked Franklin, driving off while the game was still in hot coffee mode haha.

    policemen seem to get marked as clients a lot, its a bit annoying cause I get special offers, accept them, go there only to find out its cops, then I have to cancel dealing and call Zee again, etc. You can actually sell to them but then you'll get insta-wanted obviously.

    2020. augusztus 8.
  • C39a14 ws797500306

    Thank you so much for this mod, it literally made me go back to playing this game, I was a big fan of Chinatown Wars just for the dealing minigame alone. I was gonna suggest you should be able to do more high-profile stuff cause selling weed even by 40g is pretty tiresome compared to crack/cocaine, but I didn't realize you could hire dealers and stuff so I'm gonna try that soon.

    2020. augusztus 8.
  • C39a14 ws797500306

    great work, I can't be bothered to install 100 different mods nowadays and this does the job just fine in one big pack. My only problem is that I feel there should be an optional weapons meta with reduced ammo limits for balance, it would totally fit the mod. Like 10 magazines worth of ammo for pistols, I realize they all share the same pool so I'd recommend calculating average magazine capacity out of all pistols*multiply for 10, and similar for other weapons etc... make it so you can at least run out of ammo during rampages sometimes. The weapon stats are great, machine guns feel really beefy and shooting in FPV is enjoyable now cause of weapons no longer being laser accuracy.

    2020. április 30.
  • C39a14 ws797500306

    @voncarl93 nice mate looks almost perfect now, reminds me of this: https://youtu.be/ywAMglJKrLI?t=53

    2019. október 5.
  • C39a14 ws797500306

    it looks satisfying but the headshots are nowhere realistic. If the T-zone on the face is struck by a bullet and it penetrates, you just drop dead on the spot, not walk back for a second or whatever. It's like all your muscles let go in an instant.

    2019. október 3.
  • C39a14 ws797500306

    @KingsixII haha thanks I'm suprised actually *anyone* got it. Nice to see there's some old music/subculture enthusiasts / w.e u wanna call it / out there.

    2017. május 23.
  • C39a14 ws797500306

    Great work now we just need a Hanoi Rocks skin so we can roleplay killing Razzle in a drunken car crash

    2017. május 22.
  • C39a14 ws797500306

    hands look weird, like they're white or something

    2017. május 4.