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    Any known way to edit the prices?

    2023. június 19.
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    This mod hasn't been updated for quite some time, I was struggling with university entrance exam for my Master's last year (successful) and other difficulties I've been dealing with, and a lot of mental exhaustion from powerlifting and busy schedule , left me without much energy, barely enough to only do my necessary tasks such as Gym, Exams, and a lot of other stuff that got in my way of moving forward with this mod. These issues caused me to pause my work for a while. But as the Resource Adjuster mod came out there was a spark of hope and joy as now we can integrate real traffic mods into Vram up untill it overloads into ram and delays the Texture Bug, don't know how to pause the traffic scripts after a specific amount of time or when the ram gets overloaded, So for know I have to do it manually, and the memory error pops in so there are a lot of setbacks yet, but anyways that made me think to work on gta again. I use a custom carpack which my network does not have the upload speed to upload 16+ Gb of added cars and other vanilla replacements, car upgrades and stuff. And most cars in my own carpack, are planned to use generic realistic handlings, means they will be designed with realistic traction and mass, but the other factors only remain in acceptable degree of accuracy, not anything accurate or real life close in terms of acceleration, top speed, g forces and..., as for Now I only work on models I feel them as near perfect, like dsawdsaws 458 pack which the models are incredibly detailed and all features such as breaking glass, glass texture, proper detailed engine model engine damage, good damage model, working dials and dashboard signs, working lights and indicators, acceptable light coronas, head does not clip the roof, not too much reflections on seats, good interior textures and materials. Bullet holes appearing on body, dirtmap, lights have breakable glasses, and the car does not have lateral movement when it's supposed to move in a straight line! (I remember a murcielago and koenigsegg one had that issue) Other minor stuff I might set aside and go with it are sometimes the calipers move with the damaged body which I only accept necessary cars, some have improper damage models(bad aftermath look, bumpers spin from center when damaged, holes that see through the cabin or see through damaged panels, but perfect everything and there are no other choices so I must go with it, some may have unacceptable engine nodels but there are no other choices and I'm left optionless until a proper model arrives. And some insanely detailed models have strange issues, such as the Beautiful Ford GT by Aige, which has almost perfect everything but the glass does not break! And the Porsche Carrera GT made by the same author has bad damage model and heavy frontal impacts causes the front end to stick to the ground and the car gets stuck (not forget to mention I do not consider this as a bug, as l'm working in a way to disable all cars after heavy impacts when totalled just like in real life)
    I'm adding the new downforce mecahnics to the cars which have lift instead of downforce, doing the torque maps as well as the gear ratios for maximum accuracy. Simulating realisting downforce effect as best as I can to real life cars(some I may not be able to go so close),and I'm discontinuing the cars that did not arrive in US at the timespan of the Game (August 2013 to October 2013), or any model's with advanced technology, GTA can't do with its functiins or no scripts to do that. because of the aforementioned problems, I'm discontinuing the work on e.g. Porsche 918, cause I don't know how to make the engine decouple the front electric motor and I do not know how to define a torque map and gear ratio for the electric motor on the front axle, so the handling available in the future update had torque map and ratios, but inaccurate and I've simulated the decoupler's acceleration cut with drag, but the front axle remains intact (if I find a way to do that or anyone knows to use the handling replacement library to do that, let me know). I've managed the torque mapping and gear ratios, everything on McLaren P1, so they work perfectly but other models not available in US for any reason or not available after that timeline isn't my priority (time is limited), this time I did the work on those models even though they didn't arrive in US after Q1 2014(love for those cars), but I may not update them in the future(it's unlikely for them to need updates). I'll discontinue work on improper models as well and add better built models in the archive. I try to give the update but don't know the exact time I'll be free for that.

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    2023. május 7.
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    Incredible, I was dreaming for this, now we can measure correct acceleration tines for different cars, will try to configure it for my handling edits

    2021. október 4.
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    Can you make it configurable so we set different speeds e.g. 37 mph to 54 mph or 200km/h to 300 km/h without the need to accelerate from standstill?

    2021. október 4.
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  • 49f9c2 img 20210116 224256 761

    Tell me more
    But what you should know
    This mod mainly cosists of handling.meta
    And Manualtransmission
    Plus Custom Gear ratios to work
    The two mods mentioned need to be downloaded from this website,
    There are otber features as well
    Dialaccuracy fix which is a fix for wrong dials
    And glowing brakes for brakes glowing when used a lot mostly on performance cars
    So it has steps to work properly which is in the readme file
    And there is a part you need to check vehicles.meta for some values to be corrected if needed for realistic damage to work
    These are the main things that you have to do however there are details in the installation which you need to precisely follow in order to work properly
    Ask me about the details and where exactly you have problems with the installations, I'll help you out
    No worries this mod's installation looks difficult but its much easier than installing carpacks and stuff like that
    If you dont have the car models needed you have to download them first, install them properly, check vehicles.meta for the values explained in the installation and then proceed to this mod.
    If you don't know how to install car models tell me, that has some difficulties and I'm not using mods folder btw so if you want to use mods folder you must ask other people, but for adding cars you mainly need an RPF file with stuff in it, you can download a car sample as an addon and continue to install other addons in that same rpf, or you may wish to install multiple addons which will not work after adding some packs, so I recommended using big addon files up to 4gb if you want to use carpacks and Isolate them every 4gb to avoid game crash
    You need proper gameconfig based on your game version for addon cars to work after adding a few cars...
    And lots of other stuff you need in modding & I assume you know many of these but if you don't know these are the main things to consider, also modding GTA V has to be carefully planned, as issues in copy paste, wrong places and stuff will result in game crashes so you need to be precise.

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    2021. július 12.
  • 49f9c2 img 20210116 224256 761

    @Abolfazldanaee Well done, can you fix the smoke coming from the back when damaged as it must come out of the engine in the front? This happens in some of your other models as well

    2021. július 9.
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    @BINAEEKARIM it will take time to upload installation video but ask me exactly which step do you need help and I'll tell you where to go

    2021. július 1.
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    @SkaroCult it does not cause crash if the settings are not too frequent, what I've been looking for is a way to stop the script after a certain amount of cars spawned cause Im using a heavily modded carpack and car mods are heavy which causes textures to disappear, I dont know if its the game limit of 4GB vram or GTA doesn't load the other half of my RX580's 8gb Vram

    2021. június 29.
  • 49f9c2 img 20210116 224256 761

    @xcaps actually the ini files are eidtable however i dont recommend editing car files since they are accuratwly fitted, things like engine braking power and camera and gear ratios, they have all been tailored to match the real car, the idle RPM's need some work as some cars rest differently than 650-700 rpm, but other than that the manual transmission file is something that you may configure yourself based on the setup you have, and the ini file for the stop power cutting must be the same as mine (if you use it) otherwise it ruins torque in lower gears which is unnecessary
    Once the mod was uploaded it was placed on misc category, i tried to shift it to vehicles in the past but didnt work so i swapped it back on misc, which is the main reason there are low downloads cause most users check vehicles and script files mostly, I will try that in my future upload to see if that works. Im also thinking of merged handling lines into one handling file however car names have to be specified in another text file to make finding the cars easier, or I might not merge the handling files, but I think merging it would be better, i just have to put lots of spacing in between the lines to avoid confusion

    2021. június 9.