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  • F4cc63 183822

    I took at least 4 or 5 months to find a solution before posting the coppentary I tried to verify and for me it works perfectly

    2021. április 19.
  • F4cc63 183822

    hi everyone for this mod i found a way to reduce the crash of this mod (i dont know if its working for you) start by installing the latest versions of the script hook v script hook donet (don't forget required programs)nativeui and gameconfig. drag the files into your folder except the gameconfig we will use it on open IV. I advise you to create a mods folder just in case. In the mods folder on open iv you need to create a copy of the update folder you find in your gta. Then go to mods / update / update.rpf / common / data and replace the gameconfig. you will then modify the archive count to better stabilize gta with its there is no longer any need for the packfile limit adjuster (if you want to keep it then do not do this manipulation) edit on the gameconfig ctrl a, ctrl f and write archive count and calculate the value in x5 after changing the value in x5 click on save and you can launch gta. I can tell you I am very interested in this mod and you are right it needs to be updated so during this time I have been looking a lot for solution for this mod until it is a little better with its j have no crashes on it to try if you write its working.

    2021. április 19.