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    @JulioNIB Hi Julio, please make an all comprehensive Parkour Script with the help of Custom Animations in GTA V. You are literally the best person to make this happen in the best way possible!

    2022. július 21.
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    @Barak101 okay. Thanks for the reply.

    2022. február 17.
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    @OkaymanXXI @Barak101 I am eagerly awaiting your reply

    2022. február 15.
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    @OkaymanXXI I am referring to the First time v2.0 was uploaded. I know that it was re-uploaded on April 25th 2021, but when was it First uploaded, like its mentioned in the pinned comment by @OBE Studio ?

    2022. február 8.
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    @OkaymanXXI @OBE Studio @Barak101 @evilmaginakuma I request to please let me know when was the updated v2.0 first uploaded, at what date? I want to know this because its been a while since I was away from GTA V and modding, now that I'm back at it, I've forgotten if the version of your Arrowverse DLC mod that I have with me is 2.0 or not. If you can give me the date, I can find out if I actually have the right v2.0 or if I have to download it now.

    2022. január 28.
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    @novahaven Oh thank GOD. I dont know why some idiot @Zoeys made a joke on someone's life. Not cool, man.

    2022. január 27.
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    @Zoeys Is this really true? Did jedijosh920 really pass away?

    2021. november 24.
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    @Zoeys I'm aware of this handling mod Bro but I want @jedijosh920 to create a much more superior version of it.

    2021. augusztus 16.
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    @raining bananas Yeah, I had requested thebegin10 along with many other well-known modders to make this mod and he was the only one who kindly obliged and made it a reality. We DMed for a while. I was completely oblivious that copying and pasting my comment was considered wrong and against the rules of this website and yeah, I got banned. I got a lot of unprecedented hate during this time from ppl I dont even know. But I immediately wrote a letter on the forum explaining everything to the moderators, my reasoning and convinced them to unban me. I'm glad I have this acc again. I haven't played the game or installed mods in a while, will continue after my exams.
    Thank you so much for this pleasant comment Bro. Its very kind of you. I'm sorry I don't remember conversing with you prior. But I really appreciate you taking your time to say a few good words to someone who you don't even know in person. I am glad for your kind gesture. Thank you.

    2021. április 12.
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    @kevin73633 Wow bro, I'm actually surprised that you replied after a long hiatus. Glad to hear from you.
    I totally understand brother. I myself am so caught up in my academics that I'm not able to start a YouTube channel now as I desired. I will though, soon after my exams. I have also taken a break from GTA V as well because to this. All the best for your studies. Hope to see you back in action when you're completely free. ✌

    2021. március 18.