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    "It's often said that cars these days are too computerised for their own good. One minute, you're fighting with the centre console, fumbling about trying to tune into Los Santos Rock Radio, and the next, you've almost been splattered by an 18-wheeler on the Great Ocean Highway because the unresponsive touch screen refused to let you answer your phone without using your hands. Fortunately, we might just have the answer for you, courtesy of the Schyster Champion CE, a blast from the past that is ready to prove it can continue to pack a punch in the present day. Gone are the excess gadgets and curved lines in favour of no-nonsense analog electronics and a bodyshell so sharp you could use it to spread butter." - Southern San Andreas Super Autos

    2021. október 7.
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    "Sandy Shores. Quite possibly the most unhinged place in the entire United States. It seems someone high up the chain of command had the same idea, because the United States is now the first country in the world to have an embassy for their country, within their own country! Yeah, we're just as stumped as you are. Still, the building looks pretty nice."

    2021. augusztus 26.
  • 42e054 greenman is confused

    This is pretty nice! Vintage Japanese cars are an underrepresented type in GTA car mods, so to see three at once is very cool :)

    2021. augusztus 19.
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    @Shadow251 - As I mentioned in the description, this is for an older version of Liberty Rewind, specifically Version 3.0. I made this quite clear there that this would likely not work on the newer versions, which I didn't have access to :(

    2021. augusztus 1.
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    "You've heard the publicity a million times before; Six wheels, an engine powerful enough to shove a house off its foundations, more storage than you'd ever need, and enough pulling power to tow your entire family on rollerskates around to the local YouTool, but when you actually wanted to buy one, you were disappointed to see it wasn't the RV MTL claimed it would be, but a specialist cargo truck instead. Well, complain no more! After seeing the outpourings of support (and a few false advertising claims too), MTL finally delivered. Now you can go wherever you want in style, be it the slopes of Mount Chiliad or the backstreets of South LS."
    - Larry's RV Sales

    2021. július 2.
  • 42e054 greenman is confused

    This is quite a fun mod! I actually have the original Lego set this one's based on up in the loft somewhere :)

    2021. június 5.
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    "Are you in the market for a dependable mobile home that doesn't break the budget? Did you already look at the Camper and turn your nose up at it for being too large, yet also decried the Surfer for being too small? Well, Vapid has the answer to your strangely specific demands. Introducing the Vapid Sandroamer, the RV San Andreas can't stop getting caught behind in a traffic jam." - Larry's RV Sales

    2021. május 30.
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    Fantastic work on this one - top marks, as always!

    2021. május 20.
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    We've really been spoiled with the abundance of recent jet uploads! Fantastic work, as always!!

    2021. május 19.
  • 42e054 greenman is confused