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    I registered for this comment.
    Great mod! Please don't drop it.
    The only one that works normally and saves a particular car, not re-spawn it, and saves damage, and I want to fix the car myself periodically.

    But I would really like to see the function of calling your car (I'm in favour of that as in the online, came mechanic, but I think many people it is not very suitable, most would prefer that the car teleported nearby)

    I think it would be great to add some hotkeys, at least to switch on the engine (it is always at me switched off after closing the game).

    Also encountered a problem when selling the car (it was in bad condition, perhaps because of this), when the message came that the client is waiting, I tried to find him, but could not, and after a while the game crashed and no longer run. Fixed it by deleting the last save.
    Also encountered a duplication of the car, which is also marked on the mini map. It was in the mission with Lester, with the elimination of the tobacco company and when I did not have time to get rid of the last, I was thrown back to the checkpoint and there was a duplicate (I think it can occur on all missions with saving auto and checkpoints).
    And there was a strange bug after the races, the icon was fixed on a random car, which in addition was driven by a npc. Over time it fixed itself.

    2023. szeptember 7.