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  • Michael3

    2.3.2 was successfully released!
    - [Added] "refresh list" to Context menu [right click on list] (now it show "refresh list" instead of unselectable options)
    - [Fix] Whitelist folder creation (it still creates the default folder even though a custom folder was selected)

    Thanks for the hint, @lmeucchi.

    2023. január 23.
  • Michael3

    2.3.1 was successfully released!
    - [Added] Added message to whitelist directory changing (Because it doesnt move any files and folder from the old to the new directory)
    - [Fix] Whitelist (Moving the files & folders to the wrong folder after changing the default directory)
    - [Fix] Crash issues (While open whitelist folder if it doesn't exist)

    Hope this helps @lmeucchi.

    2023. január 22.
  • Michael3

    @lmeucchi Windows 11 or 10? and which .net framework? (4.5 or 4.8)

    2023. január 22.
  • Michael3

    @JohnFromGWN I see my mistake on my post lol. I mean OIV not OVI XD
    In point 3 i mean if i add an RPF explorer i need to know which files were modified inside the RPF so i delete them, but i can only know that from the "assembly.xml" inside the OIV.

    Yep OIVs is dangerous i know that. You can't see which files edited, added or deleted before and after installation.

    2023. január 11.
  • Michael3

    @JohnFromGWN Thanks for the link, but it's not a problem to read OVIs. There are some other problems:
    1. The main problem is you can't really list modified files inside an RPF. (Because of the original, unmodified files inside)
    2. You need that installed OVI files for reading the "assembly.xml" file to get all file installations (Most of the time users delete the OVI after installing it)
    3. If i implement this i really need the original OVIs to read the installation directory and i think that's nearly impossible.

    2023. január 11.
  • Michael3

    I am happy to see that it worked for you @Wolfix :D

    @Hitity You can whitelist them. It moves all your files and folder or only your seleceted files/folder to the whitelist folder.

    2023. január 10.
  • Michael3

    2.3.0 was successfully released!
    - [Added] Custom Whitelist folder support
    - [Added] "Settings" -> "Select new whitelist path"
    - [Added] Some helpful text
    - [Improved] .NET Framework from 4.5 to 4.8
    - [Improved] Context Menu to lists (Game & Whitelist) [You can right click on some files for more options]
    - [Improved] Window style (Now resizable window - but restricted)
    - [Improved] Whitelist UI
    - [Removed] "Move "selected file / folder" to whitelist" button from main & whitelist window (moved to context menu)
    - [Removed] Slow Mode

    I hope this update will fix the windows 11 only desktop bug.
    Its not a bug in windows 11. It was a bug in .Net Framework.

    Hopefully this fix your problem @Wolfix

    2023. január 9.
  • Michael3

    @Wolfix I tell that some time ago in my discord, but i write it again:

    There must be a bug in windows (i really don't know why). The folder listing has nothing to do with the tool, it is managed by Windows.
    I had a user with the same problem before. I installed the windows build version he had installed and everything worked without any problems.

    He fixed the problem by reinstalling windows.

    2022. december 25.
  • Michael3

    Hey @Wolfix are you on windows 11?

    2022. december 25.
  • Michael3

    @Sonic2485 Hey really sorry for my late response. When you get the error? On tool start?

    2022. december 11.