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    @Meepler1 @Andrea512 I'm very sorry but I have no idea about FiveM conversions. I'm sure there are tutorials on that, on youtube or gtaforums, but I only make maps for single player and have absolutely no experience with FiveM, sorry!

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    Awesome! Glad you released it :) Thanks for mentioning me!

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    @Gidoxy Yes indeed, this is a really good idea and you did a nice job! The ambiance, camera work and lighting is outstanding, and of course from world top level. It was awesome to be there. Estonia, Hungary and Albania really gave me chills, Italy too. It's good and all to see it on television, but to hear and see it all live in a giant arena like Altice Arena, is really impressive.

    I was at the whole front of the standing area with a Belgian flag, you can see that on some parts of the Live TV show from 2018. The only sad thing was i queued from 11h to 19h (doors opening) in 30° Celcius, without a drink untill the night (next day, 1h30) inside the Lisbon metro. I had forgotten to bring something to drink... I was totally dried out but didn't want to lose my place in the front. So, if you ever go: Queue in time, and DO NOT forget to bring a drink for while you are in the queue. Inside you can buy drinks, but if you're in front standing area like me, I do not recommend getting one as you will lose your place.

    Happy modding! Sorry for reply in English, my French is very bad, I speak Dutch.

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    Awesome! Nice job man, I'm a huge Eurovision fan and there is a lack of Eurovision mods so I'm very glad to see this! I already had this idea 1 year ago for the 2018 version, because then I attented the grand final in Lisbon Altice Arena, but I never finished the mod. Anyway, thanks for this!

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    @NachoPuncher @georgg19966 Huh, am I missing something? This IS the flag of both the old 'FYROM' and the new 'North Macedonia'. Just the name of the country changed because of a conflict about the historic Greek Macedonia province. Where do you guys get it that the flag got changed as well, if I may ask?

    2019. június 28.
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    Awesome, been waiting for this one, since I really love the older Koenigseggs. Also, if anyone ever would have a chance of doing a Koenigsegg CCR 2004, please consider making one because i've not seen it here on the site. Just a quick hint from me :) There are only 2 cars I've never seen here which I'd really like to see, it's the Koenigsegg CCR and Alfa Romeo 147 GTA, or a MiTo in HD would be awesome too.

    Anyway, nice one mate! Thanks!

    2019. június 10.
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    @Biggdogg HD textures for One WTC are being uploaded today in a new version. Thanks for the suggestion!

    @OkaymanXXI I am thinking to just remodel it myself when I have the time, just like i did with 432 Park Avenue (but that model is easier to do). In the meantime you can enjoy the texture update, now 2K res.
    About the graphics, i use Reshade + SweetFX (L.A. preset) and a 'Less fog' mod, also some enb plugins but I don't quite know which one are actually working in my game. But it looks good so I didn't touch the graphics in a long time.

    L.A. preset for Reshade and SweetFX: https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/reacon-s-l-a-reshade-preset
    Less fog: https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/less-fog-in-two-weather-types

    @MrMadness93 To be honest, I'm not really familiar with FiveM but anyone who wants to convert it to FiveM, I give permission.

    @pyckdiegoXxxD Hi, no I'm not planning to do that, since the way I see it, there is already a modern Los Santos in GTA 5 and I just wanted to add San Fierro and Las Venturas.

    To anyone who is not finding manhatny folder, please read description, you have to install Liberty Rewind by EncryptedReality/GTARadom first :)

    All the others... Thank you so much for the support!

    2019. május 31.
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    @migueloscar não entendo portugues amigo... obrigado por 2 estrelas... You have to install Liberty Rewind first, as stated in the description :)

    2019. május 30.
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    Thanks for the kind comments!

    @OkaymanXXI I saw that model too and I tried it, but that model is full of 'ngons' which are polygons with more than 4 vertices. That just means it's too much for a game to handle. I would have to remodel it completely. 432 Park Avenue is completely made froml scratch by me, but that was quite easy and only took me about 30 minutes.

    @mrsun Do you have a custom gameconfig.xml installed?

    @Ayush Raj It works for others so it must be a problem on your half, thanks for the well deserved 1 star anyway :p

    2019. május 30.
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    Great job! Good to see this!

    @bionic man This is a GTA 3 map from 2001... It doesn't really need LODs because for a 2013 GTA 5 game it's almost a LOD on its own. GTA 5 should be able to handle it without problems i think :)

    2019. április 25.