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    Hey all,
    I'm running this mod with LA Roads, NVR and Visual V. However it doesn't seem to be working. I had it working previously on an older version of the game. But now for some reason it doesn't seem to load any of the new textures. I can tell because the VINEWOOD sign is still on the hill.
    Any clue what's going on? I've followed the install instructions and have edited the dlc list just like with the other mods, which all seem to load fine. I really enjoyed using this before so any help would be appreciated

    2019. április 12.
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    I couldn't get it to work either @Alex_Braun. Same issues as others, choose a station and they all play their normal songs. No Spotify song names are displayed anywhere. Don't understand where I've gone wrong?

    2018. szeptember 30.
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    @VisualParadox Awesome mod thanks.
    Can I just ask if you get the horrendous light flickering during nights whilst running NVR & Visual V? I love those mods too and don't want to play without, but often fast forward night times because the flickering lights drives me nuts! I don't understand how everyone using those mods could not have the same glitch?
    Anyway cheers for the lights!

    2018. szeptember 22.