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    the amount of recoil is just absurd. for example, the ak, which a lot of people think has a lot of recoil, doesnt in real life. watch videos of people shooting an akm in full auto, its very controllable. and the recoil for it in game is as if the rifle doesnt has a stock and as if the shooter has absolutely no tight gripon it at all. this is absurd, not to mention the pistol. I have only been in two firefights since installing this mod, and died in both because of the recoil. its just way to much recoil. not to mention the reload time being painfully slow. it feels like my character is an 80 year old veteran with severe arthritis. im uninstalling this. its just absurd

    2023. október 23.
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    How do I save modified vehicles? I modified a vehicle using the mod menu, but I cant find a "save vehicle" option anywhere, but in the Rampage Files folder in the gta5 game directory, there is a folder that goes by the name of "Saved Vehicles." I assume that I can save vehicles, but I cannot for the life of me find where i can do that in the mod menu

    2023. október 22.