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The included XML and EXE files will allow you to simultaneously edit all of the vehicles in each of your handling.meta files - at once - with ease.

Values are handled as a percentage of the original so that the ratios are applied evenly across the board. For instance, you can make every vehicle drive twice as fast or have 25% less traction, and they will still exhibit the same relative differences as the vanilla cars.

The code includes special sections for bikes/cycles, boats, and aircraft. All other vehicles use the default settings.

The mod works with all DLC (as of 2.25.2016).

See the included readme.txt for instructions.

Feel free to post your own configs using the included XML file.


2.0 - Updated to work with DLC vehicles!
3.0 - Bikes and motorcycles now have a separate config.
4.0 - Additional tags for bikes and motorcycles.
4.1 - Tweaked default settings.
4.2 - Updated to include "spupdate" DLC
4.2.1 - Bugfix (spupgrade)
4.3 - Updated to include DLC as of 2.23.2016
5.0 - Added boat and flying vehicle subtypes
5.1 - Fixed math bugs which caused things like random and frequent plane crashes
5.02 - Updated for Lowrider and Executive DLC

Use https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/handling-injector for testing.
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