Wanted Zone, the zone that the police are dispatched to, from GTA4 wanted system 1.1

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- OpenIV,
- Mods folder.
- ScriptHookV,
- ScriptHookVDotNet.

OTHER MODS (Optional)

Recommanded (not required):
- Dispatch & Tactics Enhancement,
- Better Chases,
- Police Car Eliminator,
- NFS-like Police Lights.


Simple mod that brings a GTA4 wanted system to GTA5, this system is that you
should get out of the Wanted Zone in order to escape, this zone is the zone where
cops are dispached to go to, and this mod shows you the zone in the map in form
of a flashing red and blue raduis just like GTA4, this is more realistic and
- Raduis of each wanted level and of each state of is player in vehicle or on
foot customizable in the ini file,
- Cooldown time (the time after getting out of the Wanted Zone to clear wanted
level) of each wanted level is customizable in the ini file (make it 0 to clear
wanted level once the player gets out of the Wanted Zone),
- Zone alpha customizable,
- Zone flashing speed customizable.


How to's included.


- added zone flashing speed option,
- added an option to hide the zone when player is in visual to cops (beta).

- First release.


- OpenIV Team,
- Alexander Blade,
- Crosire.


Mods i'm planning to make:
- Personal Driver Service,
- Personal Pilot,
- John Wick Weapon Sounds (makes weapon sounds like the movie john wick),
- Prison Mod (if the player gets arrested he goes to the prison),
- Valet Parking Service (a vip service).

Mods i'm planing to update:
- Los Santos Bus Service,
- Long Travel Bus Service,
- Los Santos Realistic Taxis,
- Coil Features,
- Fuel Reloaded,
- Police Car Eliminator,
- Los Santos Flight Service.

My discord: WTLS#8221

My Patreon is where to support me: www.patreon.com/WTLS

Do NOT redistribute or reupload without getting permission from the author of the reuploaded file!

Development status: updated.
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