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Hello everyone, this is my first mod for Grand Theft Auto. It's also my first time working with C++. It feels like a dumb version of C#, I hope I don't offend anyone by saying that. Anyway, thanks to Script Hook V's SDK I was able to jump right in to modding.

Originally when I had started working on this mod nobody had created any easy to use LS Customs. There are a few now, but I don't want my work to go to complete waste.

About this Mod
This mod has all of the features that Los Santos Customs offers, except it's free and you don't have to deal with that car guy. Ohh, and you have the ability to use it anywhere at any time. So if you'd enjoy a fully working portable LS Customs then this mod is the right mod for you.

Main Features
  • All Los Santos Customs customizations (Except preset colors).
  • Live preview before selecting customization.
  • RGB Color editors.
  • Max Mod & Random Appearance button

Default Configurations
F4 opens the menu.
Numpad 8 to navigate up.
Numpad 2 to navigate down.
Numpad 4 to select left.
Numpad 6 to select right.
Numpad 5 to select.

Custom Configurations
All keys bindings are configurable through "CustomsConfig.ini," which is included in the compressed package. Key codes for configuration may be found here.

Script Hook V - http://www.dev-c.com/gtav/scripthookv/
ASI Loader - Included with SH V, read their readme.

Just copy "Customs.asi" and "CustomsConfig.ini" to your GTA V root folder.

Special Thanks to:
Script Hook V's SDK and its Native Trainer example code for making this mod possible.

This is not a fully completed version, all features are functional and there may or may not be minor bugs. Yes, I know, the wheel customization is sub-par at the moment, but I will soon waste my time to organize that for better appearance.

I am not liable for angry LS Customs mechanics that know you're cheating them
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