Pizza Delivery 2.0

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IMPORTANT: This mod delivers pizza to YOU. You do not deliver the pizza. https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/pizza-delivery-mission
5/7/2022: This mods code is outdated and bugs may occur.

Just a fun pizza delivery script I through together. Just thought I'd make the city more lively.

Mod development has been put to a halt temporarily so I can develop a new mod. I'm not done with this mod though, the next update will be some bug fixes and a new feature!


Call the Pizza place on your phone to have a pizza delivered right to you!

Driver may sometimes crash into objects.
The pizza contact is after a bunch of empty contacts on the phone. Since this isn't an error on my part,
it may take some work to fix.

Config file to change the deliverers vehicle and ped. Added the ability to change the keys to interact with the pizza.
The driver will now come up to you and hand the pizza over.
The pizza is now droppable/editable. The pizza gives you a little bit of health.

Place the pizzaDelivery.dll and pizzaDelivery.ini file into your GTA/scripts folder.

Leave any suggestions in the comments!
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