Marvel Iron Man

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NAudio(included in the RAR)
1.Copy all files in the RAR to the scripts folder.
2.install the models corresponding to "MODEL_NAME" of "Scripts\Iron Man Resources\Suit\*.ini" and "Scripts\Iron Man Resources\Character\*.ini".or modify the INI file "mode_name" to the name of any model you have installed.
Enable: Shift + i
Disable: Right click in the character selection interface.
For more hot keys, see ReadmeEN.docx in the RAR.
The new iron man script has rich functions and complete details. There are more than ten kinds of weapons. It can automatically scan and record NPC's information, automatically lock the target, as well as super custom module, custom character, custom message and custom suits. Come and experience. Warning: AI is stupid. Don't expect anything.
For details, please see ReadmeEN.docx in the RAR.
1.0-1.3.1: Optimize the UI structure, reduce the number of pictures, and increase the number of frames(By the way, don't directly overwrite. You need to delete the files in the folder to be overwritten first, which is the subdirectory of course.);The replacement modifies the worldtoscreen function.
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