LS Crews - Gangs & Bodyguards 0.0.1-beta

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LS Crews is back with a complete rework and 50% less dependencies.

Follow development and early release builds here.

  • Script Hook V
  • Script Hook V .NET
  • LemonUI

Drag all contents in the .ZIP file into your scripts folder inside your GTA V Directory.

While in-game, press "B" to open the crew menu.

Build and hire your own crews around Los Santos. Players can now create their own crews that can be levelled up to increase crew size and unlock better weapons and stats.

  • Using different logic, there is no longer a member limit, which will hopefully lead to better compatibility with other mods.
  • Crew members now have a more dynamic feel, preventing you from having to manually control them all the time.
  • Crew members can now enter vehicles and follow the player. (Beta phase, expect bugs)
  • While a crew is hired, accumulate XP to level up your crew and increase your crew size, unlock better weapons, vehicles, and increase member stats.

Do note that this is currently in beta. Expect minor bugs here and there, especially with vehicles. Backwards compatibility for crews made in older versions is not guaranteed.

If you encounter any bugs or unexpected crashes do let me know in the comments or file an issue here.
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