Hollywood Rollover 4.0

Eddlm, mkeezay30 (Original idea)

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4.0 - Reworked rolling physics. Check the .ini.

GTA V physics don't allow for proper rollovers, so I've coded something that lets vehicles perform Hollywood Rolls/Barrelrolls/Rollovers if the circumstances allow for it.

This script affects every vehicle, not only the player's.
Useful for pit maneuvers, don't you think?

This script lets vehicles actually do rollovers when they're supposed to. High ground clearance, long, narrow and/or Heavily damaged vehicles are more likely to do rollovers if they slide too much, while low clearance, wide vehicles are less likely to crash like that. Being on road or not also affects them, as well as the weather conditions.

  • Both NPC vehicles and Player vehicles can perform rollovers now.
  • Rollover probability algorithm that calculates how likely is for a vehicle to perform a rollover.

Concepts considered for the rollovers:
  • The vehicle's length, width and height
  • The vehicle's body damage
  • Weather conditions
  • If the vehicle is on dirt/snow or not

"HollywoodRollover.dll" and "HollywoodRollover.ini" go inside \Grand Theft Auto V\scripts\ folder.

You can change multiple settings inside "HollywoodRollover.ini" to tune the script's behavior to your likings.
You can define if you want your vehicle to be affected by the script or not, the same goes for the the NPCs' vehicles.
Explosive rollovers can be enabled or disabled too.

- Enter: reload settings from the .ini. (No notifications will be shown)

.NET Framework 4.5.2
Visual C++ 2015


3.0 - Recompiled for .NET 2.8 and improved the logic a bit. Be sure to check the .ini file for settings.

  • Added Extended Rollovers
  • Improved roll probability system (now its more fair)
  • Fixed twitchy rolls
  • Re-Added Explosive rollovers, they're not a % per second

  • Complete rewrite of the script. New algorrithm allows for more realistic rollowers.
  • Rollower probability algorrithm tweaked: now body damage has more weight on the calculations. Damaged vehicles will roll more easily.
  • Removed explosive rollovers as the new system doesn't like them.
  • Rollovers now affect everyone.
  • The scrip has been optimized for minimal performance impact.

  • Fixed force multiplier.

  • Added Y axis to the flip force: rollovers should look more natural now.
  • Added ForceMultiplier setting: you can now tweak the rollover force over the vehicle.
  • Added JumpBeforeRollover setting: you can now define if you want that little jump before rollovers or not.

  • Tweaked rollovers to be more realistic
  • Rollovers won't make you land on your wheels like nothing happened anymore
  • Added explosive rollovers
  • Fixed an issue where you could trigger multiple rollovers in rapid sucession.
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