Health and Armour Regen [LUA] 1.3

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Provides slow health and armour regeneration up to 100%. Health still quickly regenerates to 50% normally. The regeneration is very slow so as to not make it overpowered but you can easily tweak the values to your liking by editing the values in notepad. Requires Script Hook V and LUA Plugin for Script Hook. Place the file Grand Theft Auto V\scripts\addins

This mod is for personal use, but I decided to upload it so others can use it if they want. Straight up invincibility is no fun.

v1.1 - Edited based on suggestions from Hayuru and vanquish. Also cleaned up code a little. Health regenerates first and armor regens after health is full.
Again the regen rates are real slow but you can easily change them to whatever you want.

v1.2 - Added a second file. This one makes the armor kinda work like an energy shield from Halo, but slower. Details are in the included readme. This one might be a little overpowered, but as always you can tweak the values to your liking.
Note: The code for v1.2 is more complex and I'm not a good coder. I ironed out all the bugs to my knowledge, but some may persist. Just an FYI.

v1.3: Just some code optimizations
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