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Sorry guys, but I dropped this mod. I'm working on a better one. Remember the mod that lets you to teleport etc. using your phone? Think of a better version of it, with most options of YoloNet, with API support on both consumer and developer side

v0.9 Changelog:
-Bux fixes

How to install:

Video tutorial: http://youtu.be/JjGEEMcizwc

0) Understand that you'll use it at your own risk.

1) Download and install ScriptHookV

2) Download and install ScriptHookVDotNet

3) Download the mod and copy contents of it to your GTAV folder.

Done. It opens with F6 key.

-HEX&RGB Car colors
-IPL Loader (load hospital, fbi, clucking bell, north yankton etc)
-FPS Display
-Update Notifier
-Spawn All Vehicles (Unlike most other spawn options, all are already embeded :D)
-Spawn All Objects (There is a list that you can edit and therefore you can spawn them all)
-Spawn All Peds (There is a list that you can edit and therefore you can spawn them all)
-Mark a Vehicle and Control it afar! (teleport into it, teleport it to you, change color etc)
-RGB and HEX custom colors for cars
-Teleport! (Again, there is a list, and you can edit TXT to add anywhere you want, if you want, you can add current place while in game too)
-All Cheats (SP cheats, the " / é menu), without getting cheat marked (I mean not being able to get achi)
-Spawn Objects from a file (like the top of maze bank filled with ramps)
-Disable HUD
-Radio when Walking
-Set money to MAX (only on sp)
-Tens of Weapon Modifications (Remove gun, huge explosion gun, delete gun etc.)
-Unlock all guns
-Stop Time
-Change Time
-Change Weather
-Change Gravity
-Change Wanted Level/Toggle Never Wanted
-Invisible Police Blips
-Mark a Ped and Torture/Help it afar!
-Load North Yankton (Both Prologue and Burying the hatchet ones are available)
-Teleport to North Yankton
-Open Source (https://github.com/ardaozkal/DankNet-GTAV)
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