[Custom savehouse mod] No Hotel blips and New Interiors (Casino Update) 2.0

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Broke my main characters savehouses. Have to start all over. To the 18 people that downloaded already, good luck and revert back to 2.0 asap.
If anyone experienced in LUA please help me add option for everyone to buy houses not just main characters!

-Added Casino Interiors (thinking about adding casino as interior in 2.1) Would you guys want this
-Added "M" next to prices no more "K" for million dollar houses
-Updated old interior names to more suitable names.
-Make sure you download Diamond & Casino Resort Business by HKH191 so the new casino interiors work (link below). Customize penthouse through his mod config.

I noticed a bug with the penthouse interior. If you go too far on right side of penthouse (bar/bartender and poker, betting room, arcade etc) you will not be able to exit safehouse. I have no idea why, it may be because Rockstar registered that side of penthouse as a separate interior and CSM won't recognize it forcing you not to be able to exit because mod thinks you already did. I will try to move exit/enter point to other side/right side of penthouse and see if that works.

Hey guys so I decided to learn a little bit of LUA today I love this mod and absolutely hate how the developers stopped working on it. I edited the safehouse.lua so that those annoying hotel blips that show up are gone! Best of all you can still use the hotels as well. There are about 45 hotel blips cluttering the map and causing other blips to disappear...even missions. If you want to keep the safehouse mod and not deal with the hotel blips, try my modified safehouse.lua (1 file)

I did not add any houses to the real estate office. They are only interiors from the online updates for your custom savehouse/spot function of the mod.
All 3 new interiors are each listed in (High Class):
New House - 1.2mil
Large Cottage - 2.2 mil
Marble Luxury - 3.2 mil
Sorry I was experimenting as was not too creative with house names LOL

IMPORTANT: You WILL need to enable online interiors via a trainer for this to work. Go to teleport menu>other teleports>enable online interiors. Go back to main trainer menu > options > next page over > save settings to .ini so you don't have to keep repeating these steps every game start.


https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/diamond-casino-resort-business (to load new casino interiors)

https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/open-all-interiors (to load mp interiors used in my modded file)

https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/simple-trainer-for-gtav (enables mp interiors for openinteriors to load)

Drag and drop or copy: savehousemod.lua to \Grand Theft Auto V\scripts\addins

You can change your apartment interior color and office interior through openinteriors.ini in your root gta v folder...themes go in sequential order parallel to the way the trainer lists them. Then when you exit game and return openinteriors will load that theme with the safehouse mod.

Again thanks to Kopalov and Henny Smafter for creating this wonderful mod and I have had this mod ever since it came out, faithfully followed every update and have NOT ONCE EVER taken this mod out of my game.
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