Yet another Non Sense Mod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bring a spanish tradition to GTA5, sit and relax, spectate it :-)

Nobody need to download this for insulting me after!

Installation requirements:
Install Script Hook V. latest version
Install Script Hook V .NET. - version 2.10.5 or above
Install .Net Framework 4.6.1 - or above
NAudio.DLL 1.8 included in the rar file

Extract the content from the rar file to the scripts folder (included Folders too...)

The mod spawns a lot of Peds, until 200) and there are a lot of comparations and decisions every tick:
((spawned Peds)² + (distance related comparisions and decisions x spawned Peds x 10)).

Minimum Hardware requirements to run at a minimal frame rate of 15 with 100 Peds (MAXPEDS x 2):
I5 7300, 8GB, NVIDIA GTX1050 4GB Gfx Mem or similar AMD GFX Card.

Press the L Key to enable/disable the mod (configurable in ini file)

The Mod is fully configurable in Chupinazo2.ini.
To change the script settings/params/values there is no need to restart GTA, edit the ini file and enable/disable the mod again! The ini file is mostly self explained.

Only the enable/disable Key is not changeable during Gameplay.

Feel free to distribuite it without permission. Or maybe use it as a benchmark....
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