Cargo Van Missions


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You can now deliver various goods to stores and companies all across San Andreas.
To start simply press F11 and then press the SHIFT key to bring up the List of currently available jobs.(No vehicle required).
New Jobs are generated every 5 minutes, when not on a job, or after completing a job.

If you also have my Haulage Missions mod installed, then this mod will automatically cancel itself (see last image), when you enter a truck cab

Copy the Delivery_Van_Driver.dll, Delivery_Van_Driver.ini and GTAVFunctions.dll into your scripts folder.

Press F11 to start / stop missions
SHIFT key Toggle possible cargos / Show job info & refresh the route when on a job.
NumPad8 or DPad UP - Navigate Menu Up.
NumPad2 or DPad DOWN - Navigate Menu Down.
NumPad5 or GamePad A to accept selected job

To cancel a job / missions, simply press F11 again

Keys can be adjusted in the ini file.

Scripthook.dll and ScripthookVDotNet.


Included a needed file I forget to add in previous release (Sorry)

Version 1.0.2
Updated to work with ScriptHookVDotNet2

Version 1.0.1
fixed bug where jobs were being selected when job list not showing.
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