Bullet Knockback (+ SlowMoAim) 1.5

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This is my first mod! Hope you all have fun with it and report all bugs! :)

What Does It Do?
This mod makes it so that everyone you shoot gets a lot more knockback from the bullet impact. Only works on people that are alive.

How Do I Install This?
Simply copy the contents of the .zip file into your scripts folder in your GTA 5 directory.

How do I Use It?
When you're in-game, press F11(or whatever key you set in the .ini file) to activate the mod. Now just go shoot some people and watch them fly. +SlowMoAim (press G, or whatever you defined in ini)

Version History
1.0: Release
1.1: Added user definable knockback value, fixed instakill not working.
1.2: Added ini file, default force, change enable script key, change in-game ask for force value or not
1.3: FINALLY :D fully customizable which weapons work (change in ini file)
1.4: Added melee weapons knockback in config file, implemented "SlowMoAim" to make your victims fly... IN SLOW MOTION
1.4b: fixed bug that constantly shows "skipped force input" message.
1.5: custom values for all weapons

Planned Features
Option for the mod to work on all sorts of vehicles.

Known Bugs
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