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It brings a great pleasure for me to make scripts for GTAV, nevertheless, C# is a great language to learn and explore with. Just to mention, it's a lot of time consuming act, and with pact schedule its really hard for me to manage spare time.
I also hope to release as many update and bug-fixes for my mod as possible, with your suggestions, and af-course the kind of response I get with this first version.


This is an RPG style mod play, which puts you in a Bodyguard's position, and let you complete certain tasks.
Its so far my biggest work, which consist 7000+ lines of Codes and took me around 4-6 weeks to complete.(with both making, testing and debugging)


>. RPG Style game-play
>. Choose over 7 different mission type
>. You Must Protect the VIP/Client at all cost
>. Make your own way up to live
>. Basic need bars(Hunger, sleep)
>. Buy stuff at different shop locations around the city
>. Inventory and Different Cash stack system
>. Take a rest at motels placed at different locations all over the map
>. Auto Saving progress while you are on duty
>. Auto Drive Feature added
>. A-lot more customization


- 1.1(Major Release)
- XML based saving function, now script saves your inventory when you go off duty and reloads it when you report back on
- 2 new mission types, 1. VIP finding with the help of VIP finding bar on screen, 2. Enemy layers to tackle
- Fixed the Major bug, which couldn't remove the blip off screen, making script not to go further
- Realistic hunger bar and sleep bar decrements/increment effect
- Attacker's health is now more reasonable and HS[Head-Shots] enabled.
- Working on further more features[unique weapon stack]

Initial release


>. .NET Framework 4.5.2 (or higher) by Microsoft
>. Visual C++ by Microsoft
>. ScripthookV by Alexander Blade
>. ScriptHookVDotNet by Crosire
>. NATIVEUI by Guadmaz

>. Copy and paste “BeaBodyguard.dll” & “BeaBodyguard.ini” into your GTAV\Scripts\ folder.
>. Please note, default keys can be customized in provided *.ini file.


>. Please refer to readme file, about in detailed review and instruction on how to use this mod
>. Please, also make sure you have installed all pre-requisites of this mod before reporting problems/error/bugs
>. For any problems/suggestions, please leave a comment

>. No

thank you so much for your support

@Rockstars - For making this amazing masterpiece of all time
@Alexander Blade - Father of ScripthookV
@Crosire - For making ScriptHookVDotNet which let us create scripts in .Net
@rappo - Admin of GTA V Mods for making this wonderful platform
@stillhere - Great friend on this forum, who have tested my scripts and helped me with fixing the bugs, also for your amazing suggestions
@sollaholla & @LeeC2202 - For letting me know the correct usage of screen fade in/fade out effect
@LCBuffalo - His Stay at Hotel Inspired me to make my own version of Motels
@PlasticTangerine - His Basic Needs(Inspired me to make my own version of Hunger and Sleep bar)
@gohunt - A youtuber friend, who suggested me to add the Hunger and Sleep bar
@GTAV Native database(NATIVE DB) community - For their essential indetailed native collections
and Lastly,
@You - To download and try this mod

>. Weapon buy/selection menu
>. Jacob from GTAIV as a weapon dealer
>. More types of mission types(Heli Ride, Plane and Underwater mission along with few heist)
>. Suggest me what else would you like to see with it?

>. If you want to use this mod in your videos, please provide the mod's download link as well
>. You should NOT edit my mod without my permission
>. You may re-upload but first you need to get my permission

To express your regards, please rate, like, and leave a comment/suggestion to script page. Lastly, I would really appreciate your help to build my PC so I can continue to make my contributions to this great community.
If you like my work, please consider to donate on my PayPal account as much as you wish. If you wish to, support me by donating, just click "Donate with PayPal" button on the download page of this mod.
Thank you...!!!
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