Ambiance 1.1

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Ambiance aims to make you feel more comfortable and more alive in the vast world of Los Santos.

Place Ambiance.asi and Ambiance.ini into your root folder with ScriptHookV.dll.

Download Open IV and place shopui_title_ambiance.ytd into "update\update.rpf\x64\textures\script_txds.rpf".

If you don't do the optional, the top header with "Ambiance" will be missing as shown in the screenshot, and the menu will look badly positioned but it will still be functional.

F9 - Open Menu
Numpad 5 - Select
Numpad 4/Left Arrow Key - Left
Numpad 6/Right Arrow Key - Right
Numpad 2 - Down
Numpad 8 - Up
Numpad 0 - Back

The controls can be edited via the .ini file using these keys:

Ambiance will allow you to do a variety of things that ambient pedestrians do and also spawn cool ambient things like campfires. You can chat/reply to a nearest pedestrian, drink coffee, play the guitar, go fishing, and much more! This mod is great for people who want to role play in the vast world of Los Santos. It aims to make you feel more like a pedestrian. Follow so you can see the many updates that will add many new things!

- Initial Release

- Added categories and MANY animations.
- Added chat/reply to nearest pedestrian.

- Rearranged and categorized new submenus.
- Added passenger options. You can hop in someones ride or let someone hop in your ride.
- Added relationships (beta), you can befriend an NPC, make them neutral, or enemy them and they will attack you.
- Added Spawn Objects, for now you can spawn a campfire, 2 vending machines, and a radio. I will fix the vending machines and radio not working later on.
- Time and Weather are now changeable.
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