WW2 German Fallschirmjager (Airborne Paratrooper) Pack [SP / FiveM Addon] 1.0


An Entire pack of Accurate German Fallshirmjagers!

EpsteinGaming19 <3
HauptmannHK <3

2K Textures
1 Fallschirmjager Smock (With 3 Texture Variants)
1 Ammo Pouch
2 Ammo Bandoilers (with 3 Texture variants for the Kar98K Bandoiler)
1 Backpack
1 Gas Mask Bag
1 Helmet (with 2 texture variants)
4 Helmet Covers
1 Hat
1 Pant
1 Boot
2 Scarfs

**Version 1.0:**
- Release

**How to Install for SP**
Go to your GTA 5 Directory
go to **mods\update\x64\dlcpacks**, then drag the "**r4gerfj**" folder in the "**SP**" Folder into the **dlcpacks** folder
then go to **mods\update\update.rpf\common\data then open** "**dlclist.xml**"
at the Last line type in the Following:


**How to Install for FiveM Addon**
Go to the Resource folder of the FiveM Server then go into a folder where you wish to add the eup in for example: [EUP], then drag and drop the "**r4gerfj***" into that folder.
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