Talos / Nick Fury Skrull 1.0


Play as Talos (MCU version) who is a Skrull that can shape-shift as Nick Fury and Kree Soldier. I know I know, in the comics, Talos cannot shape-shift, this is the MCU version. There are still two slots that I can added to the ped, who else do you want Talos to shape shift? Leave that in the comment.

Installation guidelines:
1. Download Add on peds selector
Install the files in the "ped" folder as add-on ped. (Is Streamed = False)

How to Play (VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!! PLS READ IT CAREFULLY!!!!!!)
1. NEVER CHANGE THE TORSO to 2!!! It may crash your trianer or your game.
2. If you want to change the faces, Choose the hair 1 to 3 with any trainer.
3. If you want to change the clothes, change the torso to 1 and then choose the legs 1 to 3.
Last but not least, don't spawn this ped as guard, it may crash your game.

*Special thanks to Nico3mus for activating my zmodeler3 license again. Seems that people from deviantart may not rip the marvel future fight model in this update, I decided to extract some of the models myself. (Although it will take me much longer to release those mods). Still, I won't extract the Galactus (as there is no preview for the model and the model may not even have legs).
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