Australian Federal Police (ACT Policing) 0.01.5

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This mod will one day completely overhaul the police in GTA V.
The immediate goals of this project are:
-Replace LSPD officers with ACT Policing officers.
-Replace BCSD officers with NSW Police officers.

Future goals include:
-Replace all police vehicles in-game with Australian police vehicles, with appropriate ACTPOL and NSWPOL liveries.
-Replace in-game police voices with authentic Australian Police voices.
-Replace in-game police radio with authentic Australian Police radio.
-Some other really cool far-fetched stuff.

Version 0.01 replaces male LSPD officers with ACT Policing officers.
-Light blue short sleeved uniform
-Dark blue long sleeved uniform
-AFP body armour
-AFP baseball cap

Known issues:
-Badge model does not match badge texture (hey, I'm a texture designer, not a 3D modeller. Cut me some slack)
-Cap texture is god awful.
-Glasses don't fit faces.
-Base texture quality isn't the greatest
-AFP sleeve patches are too low (not sure how to fix this one yet...)
-Latino character's hands and arms are slightly different colours.
-When in short sleeves, character's hands and inside arms go dark when it rains (I really have no bloody clue why. Maybe it's a bug already present in the game).
-Latino character's arm texture (short sleeve) /may/ be corrupt. I think I fixed this though.

Installation instructions are included in the .zip

Enjoy :D

(Disclaimer: For legal reasons, I can not use the real AFP badge in any of my mods. The badge used is a self-made reimagining. It is similar in style.)
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