Ohio Sheriff Uniform (EUP & AI) Lore Friendly Included


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We've made several sheriff textures for cars, now for the uniforms to match! With both long, and short sleeve!

Based off Ohio Sheriff, not going to be perfectly exact due to the shirt and hat textures (which is why there is still a badge outline around new badge)

Made the pants with the help of TrpCharles OSHP uniform pack (were made a lighter shade of grey) where you can also find the duty belt pictured

*NEW IN 2.0
- AI sheriff uniforms added
- thanks to Twentiez for some help

*NEW IN 3.0
-Added hat for AI Sheriff

*NEW IN 4.0
-Updated all shirts.
-Made Lore Friendly options for EUP & AI
-EUP long sleeve now has the gold whistle chain, could not get to work on short sleeve
-All EUP shirts now have the sheriff pin on collar
-All AI shirts have gold whistle chain
-Added another hat for both EUP and AI
-Hopefully AI shirts are not as purple now.

NEW IN 5.0
-Remade for newest EUP. Replaces Clothes in BCSO in EUP menu.

New in 5.1
-Edited long sleeves on Ohio and Lore to fix badge issue.

These go along with our vehicle textures for the whole setup!

Sorry for the crappy screenshots
Any questions or concerns leave a comment, thank you for downloading!
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