Norman Reedus from Silent Hills P.T. [Ped Replace/Add-On] 1.1

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The best horror game was cancelled, but here we are with a cool skin of Norman Reedus to give us a Silent Hills shot.

Very special thanks to Rarefacer by the model ported to GTA V, optimizing every in the model, applying retopology, meshes and textures mixing and a big part of the rigging.

*My PC is Low-End so the screenshots are low quality but sure in better PCs looks awesome.

Norman Reedus from Silent Hills (Playable teaser)
by Kojima productions.

Source: Deviantart
Retopology: Rarefacer (He reduced the polycount in ~70%)
Meshes, UVs and Textures mixing: Rarefacer
Rigging: Rarefacer & MetaGTA
Materials: MetaGTA

  • Accurate materials.
  • Blood damage.
  • Careful rigging.
  • Facial animation.
  • Hair and hood moves with wind.
  • Model optimized for GTA V.
  • Tested in low/mid end PCs.
  • Textures optimized for GTA V.

  • *If someone find bugs, please leave a comment with the issue.
    *LODs omitted (if someone needs, exists included LODs version).

    Replace with any GTA V male ped or use Add-On ped mods.

    You can choice one of the two texture types:
    1. _Texture quality always maximun (Recommended for high end PC)
    2. _Texture quality managed by the game (Recommended for low/mid end PC)

    Use Enhanced Native Trainer (recommended to avoid crash on ped spawning) or any Trainer with ped spawn feature.
    Is recommended to use antialiasing for a good hair rendering.


    Delsin Rowe from "Infamous: Second Son"

    A lot of new and amazing mods are incoming, Rarefacer is working hard in mods based in movies/anime/manga and now his mod is about "Edge of Tomorrow" movie and the manga "All you need is kill". Will be amazing his release!
    I'm making new skin mods and soon, pretty cool maps and you can support us in our Patreons sites for more info:
    MetaGTA Patreon | Rarefacer Patreon

    Version 1.1

  • Fixed "midday wetness/shiny" issue on ped.
  • Hair and hood affected by wind (by Rarefacer).
  • Fixed minor rigging and mesh issues.
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