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~ This is dedicated to Sierra. I love you. ~

--Niko Bellic Ped--

The original add-on ped

Niko Bellic is back! Fresh from the gloomy streets of Liberty City, He’s finally in Los Santos!

--Addon version installation--

1. To install, drag and drop the update folder into your game folder (/GTAV/ OR GTA/mods/)
2. Open your update.rpf (in the update folder or mods/update/update.rpf) and add the two files (gameconfig.xml and dlclist.xml) to common/data/
3. Spawn Niko ingame via the Simple Trainer. Spawn him using the "spawn model by model name" option. His model name is player_niko.
4. Play with your Niko and his big nosed goodness!

--Change log--

1.0 (5/18/15) - Initial release
1.1 (5/21/15) - Fixed issue with stretchy hands.
1.2 (5/22/15) - Fixed issue with last release that broke facial animations.
2.0 (5/31/15) - Added dozens of clothing options. Upped misc textures too.
2.1 (7/6/15) - Stability update. Crashes should no longer happen. New textures are added as an added bonus. A big update is coming soon.
2.6 (10/15/15) Overhaul update. Stability should be perfect. New clothes. Various fixes.
2.6.1 (10/15/15) - Quick hotfix. Fixed broken clothing item.
2.6.2 (11/29/15) - New clothing items, including a ski mask and backpack.
2.6.3 (1/13/16) - Now runs as a DLC. No longer replaces Niko ped. Helmets / hats now possible.
2.7.0 (3/14/16) - New hands. New clothing items. Stability improvements and easier-to-install DLC files. Still investigating crashing with certain DLC packs.
2.7.1 (3/18/2016) - Multiplayer maps compatibility.
2.8.0 (5/30/16) - Added proper Niko head (no facial animations for now, this also broke Niko's default torso for now), Added new clothes, fixed hands so they no longer morph, texture improvements.
2.8.0a (6/17/16) - Compatability for Further Adventures in Finance and Felony.
2.8.1 (6/28/16) - Fixed default torso.
3.0.0 (7/14/16) - Overhaul update! Niko converted to V. Facial animations working! Proper head! Some clothing missing, will be added in a later date.
3.0.1 (10/17/16) - Clothes normals fixed, new clothes, support for latest update. MP maps not working again, investigating a fix.
3.0.2 (12/29/16) - New clothing item added. Supports mpimportexport. MP maps now work again.
3.0.3 (3/19/17) - New clothing items added. Supports mpspecialraces.
3.0.3a (3/19/17) - Fixed crash.
3.0.4 (6/25/17) - New clothes. New clothing textures. Beard textures for head. New hair. Weight fixes. File size improvements. Support for mpgunrunning.
3.0.5 (7/17/17) - Compatibility for the latest build of IVPack. New clothes.
3.1.0 (8/13/17) - Fixed hair issue. New clothing. Hands fixed.
3.1.1 (9/5/17) - Support for mpsmuggler and mpairraces. Upgraded face weights.
3.2.0 (12/18/17) - Support for mpchristmas2017. New clothes. Rigging improvements.
3.2.1 (1/1/18) - New clothes. Rigging improvements.
3.2.2 (3/29/18) - Support for mpassault. New clothes. Rigging improvements.
3.3.0 (8/2/18) - Support for mpbattle. New clothes. YMT edits. First person overlays. Support with Menyoo is limited, use with caution.
3.3.1 (8/13/18) - New clothes. YMT edits. Optional files added.
3.3.2 (9/21/18) - New clothes (Flight suit, parachuting, racing). Clothing and item adjustments. Support with Menyoo is limited, use with caution.


Made by theNGclan and Lunchxbles. 5/18/15. You can upload this anywhere ONLY if you credit me.

This mod was designed when helping lunchxbles with his Trevor over Niko mod.

Thanks to HeySlickThatsMe for YMT edits.

Thanks to Xinerki for first person overlay research.

Thanks to _CP_ for fixing the MP maps issue!

Thanks to bad company for his military models!

Huge thanks to Donut for the new clothing textures!

Tools used for mod: Autodesk 3DS Max, Zmodeler3 and OpenIV.

If you like my mods, please consider donating via PayPal. While I do sometimes take requests, I focus on mainly adding lore-friendly content, so please give me the time needed to create more awesome content!

Niko over Trevor mod: https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/niko-model-swap-not-a-script-legs

Voice pack beta: https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/niko-bellic-voice-thengclan
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