GTA IV Harlem Ped Style 1.0


I've always liked the GTA 4 pedestrian textures and styles! The Harlem ped was one of my favorite characters to play as when I would mod the online. So I have done my best to convert his textures to a ped on GTA 5. I thought that the street punk's walk style fit the Harlem ped, along with the head of that model. Once I was done editing, I decided to add his voice, because he just wasn't the same without it. So he now has a full voice that I converted from GTA 4, and it sounds great!

I actually changed his entire head texture to the head of the GTA 4 Harlem!

Installation instructions included in the read me.

I hope you all like this ped, I am really glad that I could actually get him to look almost exactly from the GTA 4 game! Let me know what you all think in the comments section, and tell me some of your all's favorite peds from GTA 4 that I could try to convert!
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