Russian FSB/ФСБ (Alpha Group) 1.3

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FSB of the Russian Federation (Alpha group)
Textures in high quality. Installation instructions in the download archive.
The mod can be replaced by other files by changing the file name.
Мод можно заменить на другие файлы, изменив имя файла.
The original MODEL of the jr59(Battlefield 4 Full Pack):https://ru.gta5-mods.com/player/battlefield-4-full-pack-add-on-ped

1.2 version
The black helmet is not too shiny.
Changed skin textures.

1.3 version
Eliminated shades of green in clothes.

AK-12 (AK-400) https://www.gta5-mods.com/weapons/ak-12-ak-400-llement

Alpha (special forces) - the elite of the Soviet and Russian special forces, ensuring the security of the country, solving the most difficult tasks at a high professional level, are known as one of the most efficient and experienced security units in the world
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