Claude (GTA III) (Variety Update)


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Our favorite silent killer is back! with a higher model quality
If you have any problems, Just leave a comment and I will look into it.
Special thanks to my buddy James'Films for his amazing screenshots
Shoutouts to my buddy Xinerki for helping me out with some of the outfits and for giving me some cool ideas for the new outfits

Variety Update: Added loads of new outfits along with the beta suit that was featured in one of the concept arts, Retextured/Remodeled the face, New hair model, Optimization Improvements, Rigging improvements + General bug fixes

Fully Rigged
Working Facial Animations
Blood Maps
Proper Normal and Specular maps
1992 outfit and head model
2001 outfit and head model

1- Navigate to Mods> x64v.rpf> models> cdimages> streamedpeds_mp.rpf> mp_m_claude_01 or mp_s_m_armored_01, its up to you.

2- Delete all of the old files and add the newly modified files.

For ymt and yft's:
1- Navigate to Mods> x64v.rpf> models> cdimages> streamedpeds_mp.rpf and replace the files (mp_m_claude_01 or mp_s_m_armored_01)

For the Hats and Glasses:
1- Navigate to Mods> x64v.rpf> models> cdimages> streamedpedprops> mp_s_m_armored_01.

2- Delete the old files and add my files

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