Bruce Willis [REPLACE] BETA v0.2

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Here's the beta version of my Bruce Willis replacement mod for Michael.

There's still some bugs that needs to be fixed, it is a beta. I don't have much free time these days and it might take a while to finish it completely (If I ever do so). So I upload this beta and will update it, as soon as I will have done more work on it.

Working On...

- Fixing Mouth, Eyes Animation
- Fixing The Neck
- Fixing All The Clothes and Props
- Adding Add-On version and OIV installer.


Have fun trying it out!

Yippee Ki Yay, motherf***er!


BETA v0.2 - Neck added, head resized, more detailed textures (bump map) and removed mouth and eyes animations (temporarily).

BETA v0.1 - First Release
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Először Feltöltve: 2018. június 15.
Utoljára Feltöltve: 2018. július 1.
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