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Hey everyone, so as I take a lot of pics in GTA I've configured my own animation list, which I thought I'd share with you all. There's a little over 150 animations saved, all varying from dance animations to weapon, sitting, standing ones and a few others.

Some things to note, obviously not all these animations are set up to be used with MP peds and vice versa with normal peds, so some clipping and stuff may occur. I also use quantv's ASI to 'freeze' time so I can get the right angles and what not, I highly recommend it if you have the ASI, if not just search for it on google, I won't link it here.

1.0: Initial release
1.1: Added 30 more animations
2.0: Added about 90 more animations, including a couple more weapon ones and some facial ones
2.1: Added about 60 more animations, and moved all of the facial animations to the top of the list

INSTALLATION: place the 'FavouriteAnims.xml' in MenyooStuff.
If you have your own animations and want to use mine with them, just open up this file, and copy the animation text to paste it in your files.

If you want to use the peds I've pictured, here are the links to them:





Hope you all enjoy :]
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