YF-23 Test Pilot Flight Suit and Helmet for Freemode Male [Texture] 1.0

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Paypal donations greatly appreciated! I actually have never received a donation yet... I highly doubt that this if any of my mods would inspire a donation... I love this flight suit though because it is highly accurate and was difficult to make... It came out well. Insert funny thought "here"... ;)

Hello all,

Now you can have a true to real-life pilot flying your YF-23 around the GTA skies!

So here is a paint up of a flight suit of the real-life YF-23 test pilot who was named Jim Sandberg. The patches and coloring of the flight suit were researched by SkylineGTRFreak and myself and I did my best to recreate the flight suit with accuracy. The texture on the suit has a lot of pulling and pinching but I think it came out well.

Download the YF-23 aircraft from the gifted and talented SkylineGTRFreak here: "YF-23 Black Widow II [Add-On]

Thank you for all of your kind gifts SkylineGTRFreak!

Installation Instructions:

Using OpenIV head to:(If you use a mod folder, which I recommend, you will need to add the mpairraces dlc to your mods/dlc folder if you have not done so already.)


Make sure that you have enabled "edit" mode ;)

Scroll to locate two files:

1 - lowr_diff_001_a_uni.ytd

(replace the image with the "YF23 Lower" DDS contained within my package; hit "save")

2 - jbib_diff_001_a_uni.ytd

(replace the image with the "YF23 Upper" DDS contained within my package; hit "save")

The helmet texture goes into:

Grand Theft Auto V\mods\\dlcpacks\mpairraces\dlc.rpf\x64\models\cdimages\mpairraces_male_p.rpf\mp_m_freemode_01_p_mp_m_airraces_01\

Locate: p_head_diff_000_a.ytd

(replace the image with the "YF23 Helmet" DDS contained within my package; hit "save")

Close OpenIV, start up the game, using a trainer, select the MP Free Mode Male model.

,b>Note:,b/> It can take a while to cycle all of the outfits to find the correct shirt overlay and lower, you may have to cycle uppers to remove clipping, cycle though hats to find the helmet, finally put some boots on the man! You should be good to go.

Advice: Once you get it set the way you like it, use the save slot feature so that next time you want this ped you just go into the trainer and hit load!

I know that this sort of thing doesn't appeal to everyone. For those of you who do like it and use it I hope that you are happy with it :)


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