Singapore TransCab Taxi Pack



-TransCab Singapore-

Although I am aware there is a Trans Cab service in at least one other country, this pack is only for the Singapore variants.

Vehicle List:
Chevrolet Impala LS 2006
Hyundai Sonata 2008
Toyota Camry 2015

-----Chevrolet Impala:
-----Hyundai Sonata:
-----Toyota Camry:

-Make sure the ytd and yft files are correctly named.
-OpenIV, enter edit mode, find the ytd and yft files, and replace them with mine.

-I did not make these vehicles. I have replaced DDS images in order to create Trans Cab liveries for these cars.
-You need to download the original Impala for more options and files. I recommend checking out the other links too! Cool vehicles.

Yes, the yft files have also been added. In this instance, I could not find any rules or disclaimers that say I am not allowed to upload their files. If the person/s decide to contact me and ask me to remove the files, I will do so as soon as I personally can. If the person/s I got the vehicles from are not the original creators, and the original creator has a rule stating not to upload their initial files, then I will not be hold responsible for legal action, as it is their duty to flag any improper uploading. Though I will still remove the files if this happens, as we can't always be on the lookout, and the files aren't originally mine. I checked the zip files I downloaded, and the descriptions, and I didn't find anything saying I can't. I apologise is problems occur, and if you comment an issue, please make sure I'm tagged with the @ symbol, or contact the admin.

Feel free to leave suggestions and recommendations! I apologise for the bad graphics, I play GTA with a potato.

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