Police LEDs HQR Beta V3

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Police LEDs High Quality Remake

This mod replaces the standards LEDs with new ones I made using a higher resolution texture. It improves the quality of the police cars' lightbars at long and close range.

This upload is at a beta stage.
Supported cars:
Vapid Interceptor | LSPD Buffalo | LSPD Cruiser | Sheriff Cruiser | Sheriff SUV
Tweaks may come to already supported cars

Suggestions are welcomed!

UPDATE 06/06/2015: We're now in the beta stage. This is the "Sheriff Update" adding support for the Sheriff Cruiser and Sheriff SUV. I also added support for the LSPD Cruiser. We have now 5 supported cars.

1. Extract the files to a temporary location.
2. Copy "police2.ytd", "sheriff.ytd", "sheriff+hi.ytd", "sheriff2.ytd using OpenIV in the following file:
3. Copy "police3.ytd" using OpenIV in the following file:
4. Copy "police.ytd" using OpenIV in the following file:

You can also use the "mods" folder technique using OpenIV, see their website for more help on that

Re-uploading this mod is so far not authorized
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