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Here is a set of skins representing the main cast of the Malaysian Air Force Aerobatic team "Smokey Bandits".
The name quite obviously comes from the fact that the engines on MiG-29s are rather smokey at full throttle.

Although first established in 2001, their international debut came in the form of the Brunei International Defense Exhibition in 2011.
They fly a total of 5 jets, 4 of which are single seater MiG-29Ns you find here.
They are painted in mostly standard TUDM grey, but Smokey 1 has blue stabilizers and a design of the malaysian flag added.

The jets are currently out of service, as the MiG-29 has been retired and 17th SQ is regenerating. The jets are reportedly stored at RMAF Kuantan, and although there was speculation of their potential use in Ukraine, it seems the effective confirmation of Ukraine's procurement of F-16s would make this rather counter-productive, as the 9.12SD Airframe is supposedly less advanced than Ukraine's MU1/2 specs, and requires extensive modifications to be effective.

Further use in Malaysia has also been part of speculations, due domestic companies offering modernization programs. There are however no plans to replace the MiGs as of yet.

※Note, the pilot callsigns on the nose are from 2012, as that is the only time from which I could find the names of all members at once and there are few images of the decals on these.

Download the model by SkylineGTRFreak:

Rename mig29a_sign_x.dds with a number of your choosing, and add/replace them in their appropriate .ytd files.

Safe flying!
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