Miami-Dade Police Department Taurus (Livery) 1.0.0

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Hello everyone, this is one of the many vehicles that are going to be released themed off the Miami-Dade Police Department. There will be EUP in the far future to match with these vehicles. I decided to start and finish the Taurus since the Police Department uses this vehicle the most. I encourage you to please give me feedback and constructive criticism.

Future Projects:

1. Complete TickleMyElmo's Vehicle pack w/ Liveries ( 9 Vehicles )

2. Create EUP based off Miami-Dade Police Department


Livery Creator: PoliceEnthusiast (ME)

Vehicle Creator: TickleMyElmo

Vehicle Link: https://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/22651-els-lspd-pack/

Inspiration: Miami-Dade Police Department
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