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Update 1.1: removed interior textures due to a contributor

This mod improves texture quality for certain exterior elements of the Los Santos Transit Metro Train / Tram. Additionally, green window tint only previously affecting the windows with the LST logo is removed.

Some insight: the ability to ride the tram might have been a last-minute change considering the exterior details have a very noticeable low resolution. Making a true fix for the lazy mess would require editing the model for the interior, though this mod takes care of exterior textures.

Preferrably a modification of vehshare_truck.ytd (specifically vehicle_generic_truck_interior.dds)

Launch OpenIV and copy GTAV > x64e.rpf into your mod folder, open the copied file
Navigate to levels > gta5 > vehicles.rpf
Import metro_train_glass_128.dds into metrotrain.ytd
Import metro_train_decals_512.dds into metrotrain_hi.ytd

Rockstar Games - developing the game
The OpenIV Team - creating the modding tools
lightwo - upscaling and enhancing elements
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