Imponte Beater Dukes "White Forest Special" Livery 1.0

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A famous livery from a certain muscle car from a certain game remade specially for the Beater Dukes. Pairs well with my modifed Beater Dukes with Pushbar. https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/beater-dukes-pushbar-addon

Apparently it's off-center, that'll eventually get fixed at some point.

Install: Currently only replaces existing livery files. Located in mpsum/x64/levels/mpsum/vehiclemods/dukes3_mods.rpf
Replace any file labeled dukes3liv_xx.yft

Valve: Making the epic jalopy for HL2
Myself: Making the livery, editing the Beater Dukes
Sealyx: Motivating my dumbass to finally upload this

Toss it into your FiveM server, but credit me please. And if I catch this anywhere but on 5Mods like I did with the car there's gonna be trouble.
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