GranTurismo GT-R R34 Livery 1.3.1 [FINAL]

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Sorry for my english. I hope it's still useful.

Update 1.3.0/1.3.1 (final):

changes on bouth liveries (removed Polyphony Digital decal on the back plate holder) [1.3.0]
added new plate textures (important to check the install readme first) [1.3.0]
added carcols.ymt and carvariation.meta option to spawn the car with the new plates [1.3.0]
updated carcols.ymt and carvariation.meta in example folders (they're correct written now like the same in the install readme) [1.3.1]
updated main readme and installation readme [1.3.1]

Update 1.2.0 (final):

changes on bouth liveries;
added new rim textures (important to check the install readme first)
added missing install readme for some textures for the vehicle.ytd file
added missed credits for the Volk Racing Rims

Update 1.1.5/1.1.6:

changes on bouth liveries [1.1.6];
new wheel texture (optional) [1.1.6];
new intercooler texture (optional) [1.1.6];
Information picture about the specification of the R34 [1.1.6];
new pictures [1.1.5];
delete the *.ytd file because of to many liveries you can get for the skyline [1.1.5];
a secound livery file called r34_sign_test.png => set all gray colored bodies to transparent to allow free coloring with trainer [1.1.5];
new license plate texture (optional) [1.1.5];
new tire texture (optional) [1.1.5];

GranTurismo/PlayStation painting for:

Nissan Skyline GT-R (BNR34) (car mod by YCA-y97y)


  • allways take a backup before you modify any file
  • "mods" folder in GTA V directory. If not present, create it and copy/paste the "update" folder in to "mods" folder
  • CarMod: Nissan Skyline GT-R (BNR34) (car mod by YCA-y97y)
  • OpenIV 2.8.x: [REL] OpenIV (including openFormats)
  • OpenIV direct download: Open IV Download

  • Installation:

    install mod as described in the readme of the Skyline BNR mod. Then add "r34_sign_5.png" (or rename in any r34_sign_*.png)(in "for import [skyline.ytd]" folder)

    What's been done:

    I created a 98% ported painting of my 1:18 diecast Autoart Model of the Nissan GranTurismo Skyline GT-R R34
    The painting is based on the GT-R R34 V-spec II of Gran Turismo 3 for PlayStation 2.
    The size of the paintwork is 4096 x 4096 pixel because of details of the smallest decal.
    I have more than 70 hours work needed to complete the design as best I could be transfered to the BNR Skyline
    and I hope it's good enough for those who want to use this Livery.

    In the "for import [vehshare.ytd]" folder you can find seperate textures to replace 2 parts of license plates and to get the
    VOLK/RAYS Racing wheels with bridgestone tires.
    I create new lights texture and new nismo Intercooler for the skyline (look inside the "pictures" folder for more).
    If you like, go to "reworked lights" and/or "nismo Intercooler" folder inside the "for import [skyline.ytd]" folder
    and replace the original lights and/or original intercooler texture.
    As well you can find a information picture about the R34 and a folder with decals that i use for the Skyline.
    They are well created and in *.png files because of transparency (u can use for any other carmod or what ever).

    What's inside *rar:

  • GranTurismo_GTR_Livery_Readme.txt
  • folders with pictures, files & optional textures

  • Before asking:

    My pc graphics are not the best but I can deal with it well:
  • MY PC Configuration

  • If someone interested on my "enb" check out the Link to the mods:
  • VisualV
  • Radiance V
  • Los Angeles Project [SweetFX + ENB]

  • selfmade preview:

  • YT GranTurismo Livery (final)

  • Credits
  • for GTA 5
    3D rims by: Turn10 (Forza Motorsport 4)
    Modelling and GTA 5 convert by:
  • MrEverest

  • Rims retexture and HD tyres «TOYO» by:
  • Alex9581

  • CAR DESIGN BY POLYPHONY DIGITAL & SONY Computer Entertainment Inc. exclusive for Gran Trismo 4
    ported to Grand Theft Auto 5 for NISSAN Skyline GT-R (BNR34) carmod by YCA-y97y
    liveries and seperate textures by SpeedySC1978 DO NOT EDIT OR REUPLOAD WITHOUT PERMISSIONS
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