Cambodia & Vietnam Police Astra Livery



I want to see more Cambodian things, and more Viet police cars!

License plate Khmer letters are broken. I don't know why. I will fix this as soon as possible.

-I'm not the creator of this mod. I made the Cambodian and Vietnamese livery.

-You need to download the model here:

Model Uploader:

Credits given on the model download page:
Model: Bleep911 / Humster3D
Model Textures: ObsidianGames
Model Conversion to IV: ObsidianGames
Convert to V: Bleep999
Massive Help Fixing issues: BritishGamer88/BPM
Default Siren Mapping: Bleep999
Model Tempating: ObsidianGames
Model Fixes: Kieran Chandler
Wheels: Kieran Chandler
Lightbar: Kieran Chandler
Lightbar Textures: ObsidianGames
Boot Lights: ObsidianGames
Boot Light Textures: ObsidianGames
Boot Divider: Kieran Chandler
Boot Divider Textures: ObsidianGames
MDT: Kieran Chandler & ObsidianGames
Bags: Rockstar Games
Bag Textures: ObsidianGames
Skin: Willywo0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o
MDT Console: Bleep999
MDT Texture: Bleep999
Radio: Bleep999
Siren Control Panel: Bleep999
Number Plates: Bleep999

Are these designs accurate?

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Utoljára Letöltött: 2023. november 25.

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