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It is recommended use 'mods' folder, this article explains how: http://openiv.com/?p=1132

The original texture of the bus, is very limited to personalize. I made a new UV Mapping for the exterior.

* Please do not reupload, without giving me credit.



Go to "_initial mod" folder and copy files with OpenIV on to:
GTA V\x64e.rpf\levels\gta5\vehicles.rpf\
in edit mode replace:

Go to:
GTA V\update\update.rpf\common\data\levels\gta5\

This installs bus & airbus models with new UV Mapping, Avengers livery for Downtown bus and Metro Local (orange/grey) to Airport Bus, both with black bumper..

You can change either liveries or bumper color with the availables.
Only replace texture in airbus.ytd or bus.ytd for which you want.

"_glass" folder include a plain texture to windows.


Changed the name of the texture. If you made your own, you should change the name.

To multiple liveries you need change name to texture from israelsr_sign_1 to israelsr_sign_2, ...sign_3, etc.
(I've done the test with 5 different and it worked, I do not know what the limit.) The windows only support one. The textures must place in airbus.ytd or bus.ytd.

To change livery, you can spawn bus with some of the script / trainers that are available, you can use Simple Trainer and go to Vehicle Options, Livery Menu.


Liveries availables:
* Los Angeles Metro Local (orange/grey)
* Los Angeles Metro Rapid (red/grey)
* Anaconda
* Avengers
* Avengers NW
* The Hobbit
* The Hobbit NW
* National Geographic
* National Geographic NW
* McDonald's 1
* McDonald's 1 NW
* McDonald's 2
* McDonald's 2 NW
* Mexico City (RTP)
* Dublin Bus

NW (No Windows) - It is a version with the most important elements located outside the windows to use with multiple liveries. (only in 2048 resolution)


-Now Downtown Bus support multiple liveries too (the windows only one).
-NW (No Windows) version for some liveries.

-National Geographic
-Airport Bus support multiple liveries, but for the windows only one.

-The Hobbit
-McDonald's 2

-McDonald's livery
-Dublin Bus livery
-add Avengers glass texture in its folder.

-Now the windows are destructible.
-The windows can have graphics.
-Added the ability to change bumper color.
-Added the airport bus with new UV Mapping (only one livery).
-New version to Avengers livery.
-Two resolutions to all liveries in case you have problem with the more bigger resolution.

-Los Angeles Metro Rapid (red/grey)
-Bus Avengers ads

-Los Angeles Metro Local (orange/grey)
-Bus Mexico City (RTP)

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