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Here comes the Tsunami mod which floods LS and brings huge waves.

NOTE: GTA 5 water system is different from GTA 4's water, it has a couple of rendering bugs where water will flicker or turn parts of screen black with mods like this, I have no idea how this can be fixed so don't balme me for this bug. Use this mod only if you don't care about those bugs said above, because in game it's a hell of bugs.

You can also change the wave height and water level yourself.
Open up water.xml and change value of "z value="30.0"" to anything you want to increase or decrease water level.
To change wave height, change value of "Amplitude value="130"".

Installation: Open OpenIV, File > Edit mode and go to "common.rpf/data/levels/gta5" and here right click on "water.xml" and replace it with modded water.xml

On the pictures the waves may look small, but the gameplay will prove you wrong.
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