Taxi sign Brightness Fix + Smaller Raindrops + More Stars

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When you use Radiance V, VisualV, or any mod that comes with its own visualsettings.dat file you will have massively bright taxi ad signs. Heres the solution. As you can see in the pics they are nowhere near bright or so blinding you cant even see the ads themselves. I am using my own custom made visualsettings.dat file which has values alot higher then Radiance V or VisualV sets them to so your taxi ads will not be bright since mine are perfect.

Some of the color values in visualsettings.dat are from Kevin56436 check out his mods for realistic hid lights.

I included my own visualsettings.dat file which has improved lods for ped models(great for addon Peds or replacing peds with HQ ones downloaded from here) I made the car lods slightly higher. Your cop sirens will be alot brighter and visible further down the road using my visualsettings.dat file. I also included a tip text file so you can edit the lines yourself and what some of the lines do.

As a bonus I also included the vanilla rain textures but I reduced them in size by half. As I thought the rain drops were just too big. Also included a starfield texture with shooting stars in it. You have your choices of 1, 2 , 3 or 4 shooting stars in the sky along with some more stars added. Or just more stars in the sky with no shooting stars.

Install instructions and tips for visualsettings are in the text file.
Also how to make your nights darker is included in the text file.
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